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Product Overview

Get a Clear Picture of Your Advertising Performance

All-in-one! Adin.ai is connected to all the digital advertising channels and tools you use. It brings everything together and builds relationships between them. It makes it so simple that everyone can see everything at a glance.

Advanced AI algorithm turns everything into simple scores!


From Google to Meta, Tiktok to X, programmatic to Reserved Media, digital radio to digital outdoor and connected TV, all the channels you can think of are at your fingertips with a single click.

All measurement, audit and analytics tools are also connected to Adin.ai

Intelligent & Holistic Dashboard

Our super-connected and user-friendly dashboard provides you with a bird's eye view of all your campaigns, allowing you to monitor and optimize performance effortlessly.

Intelligent & Holistic Dashboard
Smart Audience targeting for better results

Smart Audience Targeting for Better Results

Gone are the days of generic targeting. With Smart Audience, our AI algorithms analyze user behavior, interests, and demographics to help you reach the right audience at the right time.

No more wasted impressions. Our Smart Audience feature leverages AI algorithms to identify and target the right audience segments, maximizing engagement and conversions for your campaigns.

AI Media Planner & Buyer

Let our AI-powered Media Planner and Buyer do the heavy lifting for you. Say goodbye to manual campaign planning and let our intelligent algorithms optimize your media buying strategy for maximum results.

Achieve optimal performance with AI Media Optimizer

Achieve Optimal Performance with AI Media Optimizer

Our AI Media Optimizer continuously analyzes data, identifies trends, and optimizes your campaigns in real-time, ensuring that every dollar spent delivers the best possible return on investment.

Predict the Campaign Results with
AI Campaign Forecasting

Make informed decisions by leveraging our AI Media Forecasting feature. Get accurate predictions on campaign performance, reach, and engagement to plan your advertising strategy effectively.

One-Click Actionable Insights with Smart Reports

Dive deep into campaign analytics with our Smart Reports. Gain valuable insights into audience behavior, engagement metrics, conversion rates, and more—enabling you to make data-driven decisions that drive success.

Smart Reports
Never miss a beat with campaign alarms

Never Miss a Beat with Campaign Alarms

Stay on top of your campaigns with real-time alerts and notifications. Our Campaign Alarms keep you informed about any significant changes or performance anomalies, allowing you to take immediate action.

Unlock Additional Savings with Media Cashback

We offer exclusive benefits to our valued Adin.ai clients through our Media Cashback program. Earn* extra ad budget on your media spend, further maximizing your return on advertising.

*Experience complete transparency with our blockchain-backed guarantee: All commissions from publishers and refunds from fraud detection are seamlessly allocated back to you as additional advertising budget.
Media Cashback

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