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Adin for enterprise advertisers

Get a Clear Picture of Your Advertising Performance

All-in-one! is connected to all digital advertising channels and tools you use. It brings everything together and establishes relationships between them. It makes it so simple that everyone can see everything at a glance.

Our advanced AI algorithm turns everything into simple scores!

Company / Brand / Campaign Effectiveness Scores

Media Effectiveness Score

Growth Effectiveness Score

Creative Effectiveness Score

Social Effectiveness Score


From Google to Meta, Tiktok to X, programmatic to Reserved Media, digital radio to digital outdoor and connected TV, all the channels you can think of are at your fingertips with a single click.

All measurement, audit, and analytics tools are also connected to

Reach Your Ideal Audience with
Smart Audience Targeting

No More Wasted Impressions

Our smart audience feature leverages AI algorithms to identify and target the right audience segments, maximizing engagement and conversions for your campaigns.

Gone are the days of generic targeting. With Smart Audience, our AI algorithms analyze user behavior, interests, and demographics to help you reach the right audience at the right time.

AI Media Planner

Using advanced algorithms, our AI-powered Media Planner optimizes your ad spend, ensuring maximum ROI and efficiency.

Adin learns your budget management patterns in seconds, analyzes your most successful and unsuccessful campaigns, and compares them with industry data. It creates the media plan for maximum performance by aligning it with conjuncture data.

AI Media Planner
AI Media Buyer

AI Media Buyer

You can buy your media plan in seconds!

Whether in auto-pilot or co-pilot mode, buy ads in seconds. Perfomance, programmatic, reserved media, digital outdoor, digital radio, connected TV—all digital media are ready for your purchase.

Moreover, you can advertise not only in your country but also in other countries.

AI Media Budget Optimiser

You've launched your media plan with one-click!

Which channels are performing better and which ones are not so well? Leave the optimization to Adin. Adin analyzes all data in real-time and performs optimization automatically. If you want, you can approve it and it will do it!

AI Media Budget Optimiser
Predict Success with AI Forecasting

Predict Success with AI Forecasting

Take the guesswork out of campaign performance. Our AI Ad Forecasting feature analyzes historical data and market trends to provide accurate predictions, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions that drive success.

Gain Valuable Insights with
Smart Reports

One-Click Smart Reports

Ditch the manual reporting process. Our smart reports provide you with comprehensive analytics and actionable insights, saving you time while delivering meaningful data that drives optimization and growth.

Smart Reports

Stay Ahead with
Campaign Alarms

Never miss an important campaign milestone again. Our campaign alarms keep you/your teams informed about critical events and performance metrics, allowing you to take immediate action and stay one step ahead of the competition.

AI Media Planner & Buyer

100% Transparent Advertising

We are setting a new standard for transparency in the advertising industry. Join us at and experience the power of 100% guaranteed transparency through our innovative blockchain technology. Say goodbye to uncertainty and embrace a future where trust and accountability reign supreme.

Gone are the days of hidden fees and shady practices. With, you can have complete confidence in your advertising campaigns. Our transparent approach guarantees that every aspect of your advertising journey is open to audit, providing a level of trust and accountability never before seen in the industry.

Enterprise-Level Security

At Adin, we understand the importance of safeguarding your data. That's why we have implemented stringent measures to ensure the privacy and security of your valuable information.

We use separated and isolated data pipelines for each customer, ensuring that your data remains completely separate from others. This means that your information is never mixed or shared with anyone else.

With Adin's advanced microservice architecture, your data is transferred from sources to secure databases without any interaction with other customers' data. This guarantees the highest level of privacy and protection. is built on top of the robust AWS platform and has been approved as a "Well-Architected Solution" by Amazon. Rest assured, your data is stored in a secure environment that meets industry standards.

To ensure the integrity of your data, Adin utilizes blockchain-based quantum ledger database technology. This guarantees that your information remains tamper-proof and immutable throughout its lifecycle.

Trust for unrivaled security and privacy when it comes to your customer data. Experience peace of mind knowing that we prioritize the protection of your valuable information above all else.

Media cashback

Advertise More with Less/Same Budget with Media Cashback is pleased to offer a full refund on publisher commissions and fraud provisions, enabling you to maximize your advertising reach with the same budget. We're committed to 100% transparency, facilitated through blockchain technology. Manual
Scoring System (Rating) Ad Effectiveness + Media + Growth + Creative + Social
Media Planing In Seconds Min. 3 Days
Media Buying 1 Day - From Single Platform 1-2 Days - From Different Channels
Media Optimising Real Time Weekly
Reporting In Seconds 3-7 Days
Industry Benchmark
Highlights & Insights Real Time End of Campaign
Media Cashback (Risturn+Fraud)